Outgoing (Final) Inspections

Outsource PCRs

Independent outgoing inspections by WA Rental Services provide an unbiased and unemotional property condition report at the end of a lease.

Strictly adhering to comments and conditions reported in the ingoing PCR, our experienced inspectors will meticulously prepare a final PCR with supporting photographs of any variances noted.

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Outgoing PCR service key benefits:
  • Unbiased, unemotional reporting;
  • Accurate, detailed and concise descriptions;
  • Photographs of discrepancies included;
  • Reports are completed locally by the property inspector- no third party or overseas transcribing;
  • Completed reports in editable MS-Word format are delivered the next business day;
  • Fixed fee per property size – no hidden costs;
  • Affordable inspection rates without compromising on quality.

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Detailed and prompt delivery of Ingoing Property Condition Reports (PCRs)

Routine Inspections

Reliable and detailed routine inspection services.

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About Property Inspections

WA Rental Services (WRS) are the specialists in providing outsource property condition reports and routine inspections services to property managers in Perth, WA. Our team of highly experienced and professional inspectors have completed thousands of reports for Perth’s property agencies whose rent portfolios range from 50 to over 1,000 properties. We have inspectors who specialise in apartments and units and inspectors who inspect family homes, large acreage properties and even commercial properties.

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