Terms of Service

By booking a service with WA Rental Services Pty Ltd, you (“the Customer”) agree to the following terms of service:

Appointment Times. We cannot stipulate an exact time we will attend an appointment. We can however let you know if the servicing will be done in the morning or afternoon of the booked day. For specific time requests please ensure this is brought to our attention at the time of booking.

Security and Safety / Pets. The safety and security of our staff and contractors is of utmost importance to us. They are not permitted to use ladders or move any heavy furniture. Our staff and contractors are instructed not to enter any premises where they believe their safety may be in danger or that a pet, such as dog, may be threatening. Please restrain dogs before our staff arrive. If our staff make the decision to leave the property because they fear for their safety, please do not prevent them from leaving but instead inform our office so we can make alternate arrangements.

Cancellation. You may cancel an appointment at any time prior to the commencement of the service. A cancellation fee may be charged for cancellations made on the appointment day for any reason, including but not limited to the keys not made available on the morning of the appointment or access to the property is not possible or limited for any reason including but not limited to other trades and services being present at the time of the appointment.

No cancellation fees will be charged if the cancellation is made the day prior to the appointment day.

WA Rental Services reserves the right to cancel a service appointment for any reason and at the sole discretion of our staff. This includes but is not limited to personal safety concerns for the inspector on arrival at a property.

Changes to Requested Services. Any changes to the service to be provided must be agreed by WA Rental Services prior to the appointment. If the Customer requires any additional services or variations at the time the service is being performed, you must first contact WA Rental Services head office by telephone, who may agree to provide the additional services in its absolute discretion. Our staff are not authorised to agree to any changes to the service being provided. The agency/owner/tenant must not request such changes directly from the inspector.

Fixed Prices. The price quoted in the price list is calculated on the size of the property. If when our staff gets to the property and it is apparent that the actual cost of the service will exceed the details provided by you (eg. more bedrooms than originally reported etc.) WA Rental Services will complete the service at its own discretion and you will be billed for the revised property size.

Payment Terms. The Customer agrees to pay the price invoiced by WA Rental Services in full within 14 days of the invoice day, unless otherwise agreed in advance with WA Rental Services. Payment methods accepted are Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and major debit/credit cards. You will not pay WA Rental Services staff directly in cash or by any other method for any services provided by our staff. WA Rental Services reserves the right to suspend services to you if an account remains unpaid beyond the due date. In the event where your overdue account is referred to a collection agency and/or law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt is collected in full, including legal demand costs. Overdue accounts will be subject to interest at the rate of 8% p.a., calculated for the period the account is due until the date it is paid.

Report Delivery. WA Rental Services undertakes to deliver to you the completed report the next business day following the site inspection. WA Rental Services will not be liable in any way for any delay in the delivery of reports beyond its reasonable control.

Service Guarantee. WA Rental Services has a 14 day satisfaction guarantee period from the day of completion of the service. If you are not 100% satisfied please contact our office who will organise a review of the service by a supervisor/manager. Please note that while we encourage and appreciate feedback, due to the subjective nature of reporting, there may variances to what is described. However, WA Rental Services does strive to maintain accurate, consistent and impartial reporting. The Customer account must be current with no overdue balances for a claim to be reviewed. Complaints made after 14 calendar days of the service fall outside of the guarantee and may not be covered by WA Rental Services. The limit of WA Rental Services guarantee is a second visit to the inspected property or up to a 100% discount on the cost of the inspection.

Damage & Theft. You must inform WA Rental Services of any incident where an accident, breakage, damage to property or theft has occurred due to any alleged act of our staff or contractor within 24 hours of completion of the service. To the extent permitted by law, you are not entitled to claim any loss for any incident if the incident is not reported to WA Rental Services within 24 hours of completion of the service. To the extent permitted by law, damage or loss to the following items is specifically excluded from the liability of WA Rental Services under these terms of service: garage door motors, window treatments, electrical appliances, cash, jewellery, art, antiques, and items of sentimental value. Please ensure any articles of value are removed/secured.

Report Conditions. Our reports are based on the visual inspection of the property. Whilst every effort is made by our inspectors to include as much detail as possible in the report, there will be occasions where due to lighting conditions, visual obstructions, the general condition of the property and any unforeseen reasons that some details may be omitted from the report. As a visual inspection, WA Rental Services does not report on whether a particular item, plumbing, hot water system or electrical appliances are in good working order. On the occasion that any item is indicated as working or not, WA Rental Services does guarantee that the said item is good for purpose. It is recommended you obtain reports from qualified electricians, plumbers and/or building inspectors if you require confirmation of the condition of plumbing, electrical appliances, gas appliances, hot water systems and/or structural integrity of the property.

Utility Supplies Our staff are not permitted to turn on any mains electrical, gas or water supplies without the written consent of the property manager or property owner. If on arrival at a property, the electricity supply is turned off, WA Rental Services reserves the right to cancel the inspection and you will be charged a cancellation fee for the inspection.

Store Rooms and Parking Bays In the case of apartment buildings, if a store room and/or parking bay is to be included in a report, specific instructions on locating the store room and/or parking bay must be provided at the time of booking. If our inspector is unable to locate a store room and/or parking bay within 10 minutes, these areas will be excluded from the report.

Keys. You must ensure that the correct and working set of keys are given to our staff or contractor to access the property to perform the service. A key fee will apply if our staff or contractor are unable to unlock the premises and are required to obtain an alternate set of keys from you. WA Rental Services will return the keys to you on the appointment day unless otherwise agreed by you. You must ensure that our staff or contractors sign in your key log book for all keys received and returned.

Customer Representations and Warranties. You represent and warrant that: you will provide a safe working environment for our staff or  contractor to perform the service; you will provide our staff or contractor with access to all services and utilities as required by the contractor to provide the service; you will advise WA Rental Services prior to the commencement of the service of any hazards, slippery surfaces, risks or dangers; you will secure or remove any valuable items, including cash, jewellery, art, antiques, or items of sentimental value prior to the commencement of the service.

Trade Connect. On request, WA Rental Services may place you in contact with an independent third party provider of a trade or service. Any agreement, payment, warranties, terms of services are to be made between you and the supplier of agreed services. To obtain the most appropriate referral, you agree to WA Rental Services sharing your details and the required service to the potential service provider. WA Rental Services may receive a referral fee from the service provider if you engage the services of the provider.

Indemnity. You indemnify WA Rental Services Pty Ltd its directors, shareholders, employees and contractors against all losses or liabilities arising directly or indirectly as a result of the provision of the service.

No Engagement. You acknowledge that WA Rental Services invests significant resources in recruiting, selecting and training its staff. You must not, directly or indirectly, engage, employ or contract with any staff or contractor to provide services to you or to any of your associates for any period during which services are provided by WA Rental Services without the written consent of WA Rental Services.

Privacy Policy. You acknowledge that any information provided by you may be used by WA Rental Services for the purpose of providing the service and other services provided by WA Rental Services. WA Rental Services agrees not to share any information provided by you with any third party not directly involved in the provision of the service (unless required to do so by law). WA Rental Services will take all reasonable precautions to protect personal information provided by you from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Law. You acknowledge and accept that these terms of service shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Western Australia and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Western Australia in the event of any dispute.

Revised 15/05/2019.